Vehicles are a means of transportation for humans to facilitate human activities or work so that they are faster and more efficient. Vehicles have become an inseparable tool for humans.

In the past, there were only manual vehicles, but along with the development of time and technology, vehicles have also progressed with the issuance of automatic types of vehicles to make it easier for us to drive them.

The automatic type vehicle was issued in 1962, and in 1962 the automatic motorcycle entered INDONESIA, Honda’s first automatic vehicle product, known as the Honda Vegetable. And in the following years, other manufacturers also introduced automatic vehicles in INDONESIA.

But do you know the advantages and disadvantages of motorized vehicles between automatic and manual vehicles;

The advantages and disadvantages of automatic vehicles and manual vehicles, you can get better acceleration than automatic vehicles, because you can adjust the speed and gear on the vehicle, manual vehicles are more cash in speed.
Manual vehicle maintenance is also lower in the budget than automatic vehicles, which are more expensive, because many technicians are more skilled in handling manual vehicles.

Plus, manual vehicles are more fuel efficient than matic tend to be more wasteful.

Manual vehicles also have an engine break, when when you are driving on a steep and downhill road, we use the brakes, we are also assisted by an engine break.

But manual vehicles have a greater risk of making us tired while driving, because we have to balance the clutch and gas, so the driver’s legs will feel more sore and can experience cramps. Especially if we are driving in areas where the opponent is stuck, such as big cities.

The advantages and disadvantages of automatic and manual vehicles must be seen in terms of their use
When we drive an automatic vehicle on a deserted street, we will feel more sleepy, because there is no need to set up the phone.

And for beginners who learn to drive a vehicle, it’s easier to use an automatic vehicle than a manual one.

The advantages and disadvantages of other automatic and manual vehicles are the terrain, if we take part in off-road racing, it is more suitable for us to use manual vehicles because they use gears and clutches.

And the advantages and disadvantages of automatic and manual vehicles is that if you are a person who is not concerned with speed and prefers to be relaxed in driving a vehicle, then you are not suitable for using a manual vehicle.
Automatic vehicles are suitable for family vacations, so when driving you can be more calm and relaxed.

Those are the advantages and disadvantages of automatic and manual types of vehicles that can be used as a reference for those of you who are starting to drive a vehicle, it can be a 4-wheeled vehicle or a 2-wheeled vehicle.

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